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Version 0.6 is here... and it has a name now... "Time Attack Rally" !! I feel it is also ready to be posted here on Itch.io for anyone to try out!!

It is really most of a whole game now! hahahha Input about current difficulty & game play is highly welcome!

+ Added - More SFX in place
+ Added - a bit more map decoration
+ Added - persistent local high score & high speed
+ Added - UI change & sfx when holding high score or speed record
+ Added - arcade styled Rotating skid at finish line
+ Added - Tire Pit for High Speed champs to crash into at finish line
+ Fixed - Skidding past checkpoint when time is already up will no longer give bonus time you cant use.
+ Changed - tweaking to most "game object" placement & spawning for game play
+ Changed - Updated "how to play" screen
+ Changed - Main camera angle, more of an old arcade perspective
+ Changed - Procedural Objects now disable crossing finish line
+ Changed - Back end organization and prep start for swappable vehicles and maps/theme


TimeAttackRally-v0.6.zip 259 MB
Oct 05, 2022

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