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Game Description:

A classic arcade influenced time attack race game with procedural generation of rewards, obstacles and boosts... stretched out over a 3.6km('ish) track with increasingly further checkpoints and eventually a finish line at the end. Grab the green orbs for points & Nitrous bottles for speed boosts racing through the checkpoints for more time, all while avoiding unforgiving obstacles that change every race.

Compete for high scores, top speeds... or both!
Oh... Did I mention you have no brakes??


  • 3 different vehicles each with their own properties...
  • 3 different maps each with their own obstacles and difficulties...
  • Score Boards for High Score, Top Speed and Remaining Time, saved for each map
  • Hard rockin' adrenaline pumping sound track by DavidKBD!!



Comment constructive feedback, praise or hatred below or join my discord to discus: https://discord.gg/hyh7HwBz7Q

Future Plans:

  • These ideas may come in the future if I get an urge, or there is enough interest from players (especially if they donate!!)
  • Bonus Point features for each track, like a "jump"
  • 3 unlockable bonus cars, each with new qualities.
  • 3 unlockable bonus maps
  • Submission and viewing of World scoreboards
  • Mobile version 

Dev Storytime:

What started as a learning prototype quickly expanded past my lesson into more of a fleshed out game system, with even more ideas in my mind. It became reasonable to move from gray box land and add some spruced up graphics, sounds and effects to make repeatable testing more pleasing. Soon the game became a bit addicting, both to work on and to play. More things were added and more visuals to include land and decorations past the track. I still have a few more plans to implement... and a defined end goal to achieve.

(©2022 Chris 'TWiG' Jelen & Steaming Pile of Games.)


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Development log


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Unfortunately, a couple nights ago... My development drive died, and I did not have a proper full backup of T.A.R. so there will be no further additions or updates. BUT... I have a new VR game in development... So watch out for that one soon!!!

Hi its me j6 from sketchfab

Yo!! Welcome!

Go for a high score or maximum speed! Nice job TWiG, look forward to seeing more.  When do we get a V1.0??

Soooooon! Hopefully. hahaha