... and that's a wrap on Time Attack Rally... v1.0 is here!!

Well the end of this project is here!!! And that means a completed game!! Woooo Hooo!!!

My first 'completed' solo game creation in DECADES (yup, I sure am on old feller)... and the first completed 3d game ever... my first were text based RPGs in Atari BASIC. What a change this has been!!! I just hope some people can enjoy this game, it was an incredible learning experience for me, in all aspects of modern game creation.  I have learned that world building, map making, or what ever ya want to call it, is incredibly fun for me, crafting scenes and vistas... reminds me of painting, only in explorable 3D!!

I would LOVE to put this game up on Steam, but am not sure that would be feasible right now (due to listing charges)... but if some miracle happens and some donations actually came in... I would use all for that.

ANYWAYS... if yea read this far, enjoy the 1.0 release!! I am off to work on plans for my next game!!!


  • Added - Finish line power slide Fire Pot kung-fu action
  • Changed - More texture & model optimizations
  • Changed - Physics optimizations
  • Changed - Sun/Sky angle on Abandoned map
  • Changed - Bumped up Monster Truck damage resist a little bit more
  • Finished - ALL maps are done being decorated... I swear!!
  • Fixed - some "Cutout" textures being solid only in build (because of a Unity compile bug)
  • Fixed - a blurry UI element
  • Fixed - Music button use with a controller
  • Fixed - Credits page typos... oops! hehe


TimeAttackRally-Win-v1.0.zip 729 MB
Nov 16, 2022
TimeAttackRally-Linux-v1.0.zip 759 MB
Nov 16, 2022

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